Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why I will one day be a good grandmother

Last week it was too much water, this week it was too little. Our other tenant called last evening and said they had no water. So we spent the evening running to the store and then sitting at her house while Hubby fixed the water.

This couple has a new baby, only two months old, and what a doll he is! I held him for the longest time and he just grinned and gurgled at me. My favorite thing was that I could hand him back to his mom when he got fussy. Yeah, I don't miss the infant days. A lot of women might have gotten baby fever from being that close to a sweet little bundle like him, but not me! I just kept thinking better her than me!

Somebody asked the other day if we were going to try for a girl (one of the most annoying questions in the world, by the way). My standard answer is that if someone else wants to be pregnant this time, I'll be happy to try for a girl. I'm going to add to that. She also has to arrive sometime after her fifth birthday. I'm not exactly fond of the toddler years, either.

I think one day I'll make a really good grandmother. When I can cuddle and love on the babies and then hand them back to their mothers. That sounds good to me.

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  1. I hear that!

    They had a baby blessing for twin girls the other day at church. I kept looking at the little girls, and thinking back to when Maya and Sage were that little, and I got a tear in my eye. It was so sweet. Then, I privately thanked God that those two sweet little bundles of joy were going home with someone else! Man, I'm too old for that stuff anymore...