Monday, February 01, 2010

Marriage Monday!

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Welcome to Marriage Monday! This month's topic is all about celebrating Valentine's Day every day of the year.

First, a disclaimer up front: Hubby and I do not technically celebrate Valentine's Day.  Which is to say we don't buy presents, give cards, or make it a point to go out to dinner on February 14.  But as I thought about those things, I realized that we truly do make a point to do these types of things all year long.  So I present our top ways to make the spirit of Valentine's Day last all year long:
  1. Presents.  Yes, presents, even when it's not a special occasion.  Maybe your husband doesn't bring you flowers for no reason.  But maybe he picks up your favorite flavor of ice cream while he's at the store.  Maybe you don't buy him a new watch he doesn't really need, but maybe you make that phone call for him that he can't make because he's at work all day.  Any way you slice it, it's all about giving.
  2. Touching.  Give him a back rub while he's paying bills.  Lean on his shoulder while you watch t.v.  And don't let him leave without a hug and a kiss.  It's all the little things that keep that physical connection going, especially when you don't have the time or energy for... you know.
  3. Time alone.  Try to get at least five minutes a day alone with him.  At least.  That's an order.  Lock the door if you have to.
  4. Talk.  If you went on that Valentine's Day date to a fancy restaurant and sat there staring at each other across the table, what would you talk about?  Talk about that kind of stuff no matter where you eat dinner tonight.
  5. Pray.  This is actually next month's topic.  Couples need to pray together.  Maybe this doesn't sound terribly romantice but God is the author of romance and marriage.  Is there any possible way He won't bless your marriage when you share it with Him?
Here's wishing you and your spouse a happy Valentine's Day, every day of the year!


  1. Great reminders Jana. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Awesome Jana!

    I'm the mom of 5 sons...

    So nice to meet you♥

  3. Same here. I and hubby don't celebrate it either but show our love on a daily basis, not just on Valentine's Day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. This entire post is so true. Thank you for the reminder!

  5. Yah, presents because you wanna and not cuz you gotta are SO ROMANTIC!

  6. Great suggestions. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Jana!

    Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today. So happy to have you back in bloggyville. :~D

    Good for you... I keep running across back rubs as a good thing to do. I guess I'd better start!

    So kind of ice cream does your DH get when he comes in the door with your favorite flavor? (We like Hagen Daaz vanilla swiss almond.)



  8. Oh Praying together is really romantic - there's just something. . .

  9. I love your suggestion to talk about whatever you would at a romantic dinner WHEREVER you eat dinner. Good advice.

  10. E-Mom - banana split flavor - mmmm!