Saturday, March 20, 2010

The saga continues

So this morning, the maid service goes over to the rental house. They call me to ask if I know there are roaches. Um, duh. The lady who gave me the estimate says she doesn't remember seeing any. I hadn't realized she was blind. Anyway... This is an actual quote from the owner of the company: "This house is too dirty to clean."

So now we are stuck cleaning it ourselves. I understand their concerns: they don't want to carry the bugs to their other clients' houses.  I've had the same concern.  Every time we go over there, we leave our shoes outside when we get home and we wash our clothes on "sanitize".  We have thrown away lots of stuff that looked decent because we didn't want to bring it back to our house.  Now, we will have to buy a dedicated set of cleaning supplies to use only there, and to throw away when we're done (maybe including a vacuum, although we've already thrown away all of the carpet).

I am just dying to call that woman and tell her that her house was too dirty for a MAID SERVICE to clean.  That's got to be embarassing.

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  1. D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G

    Our renter has lived in our house now for 8 years. He has been great....and I hope he never leaves. He takes care of all the little problems himself - and if something big comes up, he calls and we swap rent for fixing. (this has only happened twice).

    However - I have no clue how the inside of the home looks because I have not been in there for 8 years. For all I know, garbage coudl be piled to the ceiling.