Monday, July 30, 2012


I recently told a blogging friend that I want my blog to be a reflection of my mind.  If you read it, it would be like reading my mind.  But then I realized something: my mind is a very scary place.  It's full of dark corners, a few cobwebs, things waiting to jump out and surprise me.  I freak myself out on a regular basis.  And I'm not talking about watching too many horror movies.  I'm talking about something much scarier.

SHE is hiding there.

She goes by different names.  Pride.  Fear.  Defiance.  But the worst part is, I never recognize her.  She shows up very predictably, but I always let her in and entertain her for a while.  Sometimes I even let her talk to my husband, though she usually doesn't want to because he recognizes her right away and sends her scurrying back to a corner.  Most of the time, I hold her hand and lead her around my innermost thoughts and let her whisper in my ear.  And I know she'd love to guest write a blog post.

The only way to get rid of her is to invite her to speak to my Best Friend.  He knows all of her tricks, but more importantly, He can banish her.  He did it a long time ago in the wilderness.  He finished it on the cross.  And when I hear Him start to say, "It is written..."  I know she's going to turn tail and run.

And then I can blog.

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