Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Macarena cool

We recently saw the movie RV (which I highly recommend - hilarious!) In one scene, the father is showing the family the slide-out. He pushes a button and one section of the room slides out to make the interior of the RV larger. He says, "Isn't that cool?" And his teenage daughter says, very sarcastically, "Macarena cool."

On our fouth cruise night, the waiters in the dining room all gathered around to lead everyone (or at least everyone who wanted to participate) in dancing the Macarena. How cool is that? Yeah. Macarena cool.


  1. Oh yes...remember this craze very well! I'll have to check out that movie!

    Thanks for your comment your little boy has to do the same thing next month? Let me know when, and I'll be praying. It's actually all a very simple thing...just be prepared for that slow coming-out-of-it stage when it's over!


  2. We saw that movie too! It was hilarious!