Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's new with you?

It's awfully quiet around here, isn't it?

I went on a two-day trip down to Florida last week and got to see my parents, my bro, and my grandmother. It was a really nice vacation and I came back feeling so rested, I felt like I'd been gone for a week.

Now it's back to the craziness of my life. Things are going well with school this year. The two younger boys are both learning to read (and actually, the four year old is picking it up faster than the six year old). I spend about an hour a day with each of them. The older two need to put more time in, and it's been hard getting back in the swing since I was gone for over a month and then sick for so much of January. We'll get there, though.

I've been put on the ballot of my local homeschool association for the position of Head of Development or something like that. If I'm elected, that won't start until June. I would be the person new homeschoolers would call for advice and information, among other duties. I told them I already do that, so I'd be happy to do it "officially."

So that's what's new from here.

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