Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Well... that's a deep subject

What a fun Sunday we had here. (Notice the extreme sarcasm in that statement)

When we went to bed Saturday night, we had no water. So, bright and early Sunday morning, we set about pulling up our well pump. Yes, the one that's down in a 300+ foot-deep hole. We did this once before, right after we moved in, because the wires going down to the pump were bad. This time, it was the actual pump.

Of course, my hubby is a superman when it comes to doing anything around the house (in fact, that's his ringtone when he calls me - the theme from "Superman"), so he had the whole thing taken care of by 4 p.m. (With lots of help from his brother, who fortuitously happened to still be here when the water stopped and agreed to stick around and help - thanks, Mark!)

Then we had part 2 of our fun Sunday. The washing machine had been in the process of filling when the water stopped, so its valve was sitting open all night and the next day waiting for water. When the water finally came back on, the valve had been sitting open so long it stuck. Next thing we know, water is running out of the washer and all over the floor. Luckily, our 12-year-old saw it and hubby got it stopped before too long.

So now I'm without a washer while we wait for a part to come. And naturally I had only begun to do laundry when this happened. I think I'll save my solution to this for another post. And hopefully the part will be here tomorrow.

Yep, it was a fun Sunday.


  1. I am new here! What a great blog :)

  2. I'd love to hear what people think when the 'Superman' theme comes on in the middle of the road!

  3. not a fun Sunday at all. I hope this Sunday is better. I noticed you wrote in on April fools day..waiting for the punch line but no joke?! hehe

    So great your hubbie is a superhero!