Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Language Arts - My Personal Choice

Here's the thing... You're going to notice a big difference in tone, style, and amount of unrestrained gushing when I get to the curriculum choices I am currently using and love. It's only natural, I suppose. You have been warned.

My personal choice for language arts is the Learning Language Arts Through Literature series (LLATL). I have used every grade level now except 1st and their American Lit course, and I love them all. This is what I was looking for when I got so frustrated at having separate grammar, spelling, usage and literature books. It's all here in one handy volume. All you need is the teacher book, the student workbook, and four or five novels a year. It's pretty affordable, especially if you can find the teacher's manuals used and get the novels from the library.

PROS: Everything is broken down to daily lessons, for 36 weeks total. All language arts subjects are covered in one book. The literature is maybe not the best known, but it's all good.

CONS: The literature is not the best known out there. I have supplemented with additional books that I want my kids to read. The Gold Level (British lit), however, was fantastic. I didn't add a thing.

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