Wednesday, June 06, 2012


At the beginning of this school year, I wasn't at all sure my then-9-year-old would be reading even up to second grade level, let alone 4th, where he should be.  He has always struggled with remembering sounds and combinations, so we went over the same things many times.  But we found the perfect program for his needs: Funnix.  You can find it here.

Isaac's biggest problem with other phonics programs was that they moved too quickly.  I won't name them (though if you want to know, email me and I'll share), but we tried several other computer-based phonics programs and they left him in the dust.  This meant either tears of frustration, or no long-term retention.  When we started Funnix, it moved at such a slow pace that he was able to follow it, keep up with it, and ACTUALLY LEARN!  He is now five lessons away from finishing Funnix 2 and he is reading fluently.  When we test, I fully expect him to be at grade level.  It's amazing the progress he's made this year, and so exciting!

My favorite part is sitting in his Wednesday night class at church and listening to him read Bible verses out loud from the King James with little to no hesitation.  I am thrilled.

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