Monday, September 22, 2008

Sharing the love

We had a wonderful trip to Williamsburg and I actually managed to forget about my problems for a couple of days and just enjoy life. It's SOOOO nice to have my dear Hubby back home. I wish he didn't have to leave again in a few weeks. :(

I had a nice surprise in my inbox this morning - an award from the always gracious eMom at Chrysalis.

This award is created by Crystal at Memoirs of a Mommy in honor of Noah and the donor of this sweet little heart who ENCOURAGES us to SHARE THE LOVE. The rules for this award are to pass it along to some people whose blogs you love. They make you laugh, smile, leave encouraging comments on your blog. You would like to share some love with them because they have uplifted, inspired, encouraged or prayed for you. Please include this paragraph with the link to Memoirs of a Mommy so that everyone know where this award originated.
Thanks so much, eMom - you totally made my Monday morning!

And now to pass it on:
I always do a little happy dance in my chair when I see a comment from any of these lovely ladies. Thanks for being such great blog buddies!

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  1. Now this brought a smile to my face! Thank you my friend!

    So glad you had a wonderful weekend - its nice to leave troubles behind even just for a little while.