Thursday, October 09, 2008


There are so many reasons I don't get into politics here.
  • I know what I believe and my principles aren't likely to change.
  • I don't like inviting trolls around for supper.
  • I am anti-argument - I don't like starting them or participating in them.
  • There are many, many people on the internet who express my particular point of view much more articulately and knowledgeably than I ever could.
So I have not commented on what I think about the upcoming election. I have not expressed my disgust at the debates (but I can tell you I won't be watching any more of them). I have not railed against the lies and deception I see happening.

But what I will say is that whenever this word "hope" is thrown around, I shudder. This is a powerful word. It shouldn't be used lightly. And it should never, ever be used in the context of a political candidate, because no one person can live up to how every individual in the country defines it.

My hope is not in any politician, or organization, or government. My hope is in my faith, in the knowledge that no matter what happens, how bad the economy is, or who ends up in the White House, I am saved for all eternity.

So if you're losing hope in the light of everything happening in the world today, allow me to borrow a line from an old Michael W. Smith song:
When things get bad,
And you can't stand to look,
It's time to read
To the end of the Book!
Don't put it down
'Til you get to the end
When Jesus comes
And His kingdom begins!

That's what I call hope!


  1. I agree, Jana. Politics are so divisive. It splits people.

  2. Agreed... same reason I hate to talk politics. I refer to myself as "apolitical" and abhor the current political climate because it's so divisive. Most people want the same things, but politics cues on the issues that divide, not unify.

    I trust in the God that is in control, no matter what. Your post said it well.

    And regardless of who wins, I will pray for the leadership of the country. With what's going on, they will need our prayers.

  3. Well said!

    I've actually debated with myself during this particular election year as to whether or not I would delve into politics on my blog, but have so far abstained. I think it's because I use my blog as my "safe haven" and I have a feeling bringing politics in would just mess it all up, you know?

  4. Amen!! We have one hope... thankfully he doesn't live in houses built by men.