Monday, November 20, 2006

Finally in FL!

We arrived in Florida last night, after many hours of driving and not a few hours of screaming. I'm exhausted, but not from the trip.

While we were driving here, someone hijacked our Ebay account and listed a bunch of stuff for sale, all of them one day auctions. Then when people bought the stuff, the money went to this guy's paypal account, but all the charges for the auctions went on mine. Needless to say, I was not happy.

So, I have to say Ebay was right on top of things and credited all but a few dollars back to me (I just emailed them asking why there's still $5 on my account). They canceled all the transactions and removed them from my account, and now, hopefully, all is resolved. I feel bad for the people who sent this guy money, because they thought they were buying from me, someone who has 100% positive feedback. Now, they're out $100 each, or more. I'm sure Ebay and Paypal will help them out, too, but it's just sad.

The really scary thing is that I would not have noticed this until we got home because I would have no reason to be surfing Ebay while on vacation. The only reason I found out was because some interested buyers sent me messages through my regular email.

So if you have an Ebay account, keep a regular watch on it. And Ebay recommends making your email password and your Ebay password different, which I hadn't done until last night. I'm going to go change all my passwords now. I never EVER click on phishing email, and I still got taken, which just goes to show you that you can never be too careful.

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