Friday, November 10, 2006

SPF - Indecisive

Kristine has given this week's assignment and it is as follows:

Yes:Hubby, aka Mr. Handyman, installed deadbolts on two of our doors last night. And did a fine job, too, I might add.

No:Unfortunately, he didn't clean up all the sawdust he left on the kitchen floor.

But maybe I should forgive him since he's recently bought us cruise tickets - for just the two of us. Yeah, I think this is a no-brainer. I'll clean up the sawdust.

Love you, honey!

Did you play?


  1. Why can't they ever finish their projects? It is nice to have a handy man, though.

    Have fun on your cruise!

  2. wow! a cruise! that's awesome. I'd clean up sawdust for a week for that! :-)

  3. Cruise tickets - very nice. :) Yep, that makes up for the sawdust. :)

    My photos are up. Have a good weekend. :)

  4. I certainly would be cleaning up sawdust for cruise tickets!!! When is the big trip?

  5. Hey Jana! I played! Very nice Mr. Handyman did a nice job on the doorknob. Bummer on the sawdust (sounds like my dad sometimes!).

  6. He had to buy a cruise to get up to get the sawdust up?


  7. A house project completed AND cruise tickets ?!!! You're right. A no-brainer. Let the saw dust alone. The kids will run thru it, spread it and soon you'll hardly notice it !

  8. Fun pix! Take me with you on your cruise ... pleez!!??

    Thanks for stopping by mine :)

  9. I just had a deadbolt changed! The key to my apartment got stuck in the old was not a great day when that happened!

    I played as well!!!

  10. i think you should definitely forgive him if there are cruise tickets involved! =)

    thanks for stopping by my SPF.