Thursday, November 16, 2006

Grr and other stuff

Once again, America has shown that it doesn't know how to vote. The winner of Dancing With the Stars was Emmitt Smith. Excuse me? The whole thing just ticks me off. He was not the best dancer. He was not even the second best dancer. He really wasn't as high as the third best dancer. What is with you people?? And the judges. The judges really need an 11 paddle because if they're going to give 10s to Emmitt, they need to be able to rate Mario accordingly. Grr.

The cyst I posted about on Monday is looking much better. I saw the surgeon yesterday and he was borderline about cutting into it. Then when I told him I was going on a cruise, he decided it could wait. I'm SO glad. I could just imagine having to clean and pack a butt wound twice a day while trying to enjoy a cruise. No thanks! So thank you all for your prayers - they definitely helped.

Today I take the seven year old to have his two top incisors pulled. He's already missing the two front teeth up top, so he's going to have a major gap up there until the new ones come in. It'll actually be pretty weird when they do, because he had the other two pulled when he was two. He's been toothless a long time.

Nano is coming write along (haha). I'm close to 30,000 words, which means I should be able to finish before the cruise and get my lovely winner's badge to post in my sidebar. Then I can get back to editing last year's novel.

Okay, before this turns into a novel, I shall go. Have a great Thursday, and don't forget the lesson we've learned from ABC - just because you're the best doesn't mean you'll get anything for it. I thought Karina was going to cry. I know I would've.


  1. The boy I work with at school in the afternoons pulled out his wobbly tooth today. And then insisted on showing it and the gap to everyone else in the room pretty much. It was cute, in a fairly gross sort of way!

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  3. Wow - not only did you do some serious word writing for Nano - got a no-surgery thumbs-up on the cruise from the doc, now you are getting invited to an Enterprise party. How cool is that? Even with a cyst -your world is going up up up :)