Thursday, September 06, 2007

Can you read me now?

I've been told by no less than four different people recently that they have trouble with my blog coming up. It takes a really long time, or doesn't ever load at all. So in an effort to find and fix the problem, I have changed a few things around. First of all, the blog entries should load before the sidebar content now, so if Blogrolling is hung up, it should still let you read the latest entry. Second, I've deleted a lot of stuff that was hosted elsewhere and tried to stick to my own Photobucket account. And third, I took away the expandable boxes for the blogrolls I belong to, making the sidebar impossibly long, but also giving the computer less to think about before opening my page.

So, did you notice any difference in speed of loading? I'm still getting an error, but everything seems to load okay. Let me know what you think, and I'll keep tweaking.

Oh, and don't you just love this retro template? I changed it from the original somewhat, and will probably change it again, but I just love it!


  1. It still takes a while - I was having the same problem with my own blog - I think its the blogging chicks blogroll - I had to remove mine and it loads much faster now.....just and FYI

    BUT I Love the new look!

  2. Wow, talk about different.
    I like :-)
    I think it was quicker that it usually is to load, so that's good.
    That must be new technology - the keyboard that hovers above the table and then you don't even have to touch it with your fingers!

  3. Great template and name! I like this better. Loaded at normal/good speed for me.

    If you Google, there are sites that will check the speed of your blog to load. (Less than 2 seconds is preferred, I believe.)

  4. I love your template. Super blog title, too!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look - and the name is Perfect (because I live that line).

  6. I love your new layout, and it loaded super quick!!!

  7. Hi, good to see one of my templates in use. It didn't load for me once, but I loaded the address again and it was ok. I think it's definitely a script slowing things down. Silly scripts. xx Sharnee

    ps: looks good

  8. It loaded quickly for me, but I hadn't tried it before your tweaks. And it's just so ding-dang happy, it made me smile as it loaded :).