Monday, September 17, 2007

I love to count!!

I suppose it was bound to happen, with a father who's an engineer. My youngest, age 2, is obsessed with numbers. In particular, with counting. He loves to count. It's exactly like living with the Count from Sesame Street. This morning, for example, he poured the last of the Ritz crackers from their crinkly package onto the table. "I count them, Mommy." He pointed at each one as he recited, "One, two, three, four, Mommy!" "That's right, there are four." I have to confirm it for him. You know, measure twice and all that.

He's taken to counting anything of which there is more than one. Last week in a restaurant's bathroom, he had to count the light bulbs. "One,two,three.four,five,six,seven,eight,nine,ten... ten, ten, ten, ten, ten! Ten, Mommy!" Yeah, he doesn't count past ten yet. Still, pretty good for a two year old.

I envision him in two or three years' time doing long division, trig, maybe even calculus. After all, that's just advanced counting. And with him at home, there's no limit to what I can teach him.

But first I'm going to teach him to say, "I love to count!" with a cheesy Transylvanian accent. Cause I'm cool like that.


  1. How funny. I am still often found using my fingers to help me remember when counting.

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  2. YES! He must do it with the accent.....he must!

  3. LOL - Yes, teaching him to speak like the Count is just as important ;)

  4. Oh yeah, the accent is a MUST!!!!! So cute!

  5. Yes! Little boys who count can only be cuter by using cheesy accents--lol! Mine came to me this a.m. and told me how he was using his playmobil figures to count. Hmmm...Ok, honey, if you have 2 football players and 6 knights, what time does Thomas get to the depot? I love to homeschool :)