Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pirates are thieves

Time for some pictures from our trip! Naturally, the first ride we went on at the Magic Kingdom was...
There was a cute pirate show outside the ride, starring Captain Jack himself. He ran off at the end of the show, but I managed to grab his sidekick for a picture with the boys. Notice the 8-year-old's shirt:We had an unfortunate incident in the ride, though. You know how pirates are always taking things that aren't theirs? Well, one of those scallywags made off with the 2-year-old's right shoe. Totally gone. Now this was the first ride of our first day at Disney, and he didn't have other shoes with him. But in a clear act of mutiny against the pirate kings, the people operating the ride gave us a voucher for a free pair of shoes from any store in the park. So he got a pair of Buzz Lightyear sneakers, and had fun telling everyone in the park that Captain Jack stole his shoe.


  1. What a great memory from the trip and BRAVO for the free voucher.

  2. You're kidding! I can't believe they'd take his shoe permanently.

    BTW, I luv that ride. :~D

  3. Cheeky - I know! I considered "losing" my shoe, too. That of course would be dishonest. But still tempting.

    E-mom - they did look for it, but they just couldn't find it. Pirates is my favorite non-thrill ride, definitely.

  4. WHAT?!? They actually took his shoe permanently? I can't believe it. But - wow. At least you got new shoes out of the deal.

    Your son has a VERY cool story to tell!

    Dreaming What Ifs...

  5. Karmyn - Obviously, I didn't make it clear that he just lost it on the ride. It fell off in the boat and despite several people looking in all the boats, they never found it.