Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AI Season 8

So, the new season of American Idol is in its second week of the voting portion of competition. I remember last year all the talk about "the best season ever." Well, this season has last season beat by a mile. Maybe two miles. I have been blown away by the sheer talent on the Idol stage the last two weeks.

Last night, I think the real stand-outs were Danny and Anoop. Not coincidentally, these two have been favorites of mine from the beginning. I have to say I didn't really understand the judges fawning all over Matt after he sang. Yeah, it was good. Better than Danny? I don't think so. Michael, unfortunately, is going to end up in the bottom two/three. And Adam was just, well... Adam. Not his best, but you gotta give the guy props for being original! Kris and Scott were both good enough they won't be eliminated yet.

On the girls' side, Allison was amazing, Lil was okay, and Megan was sooooooo much better than last week. They're not going anywhere. I think the one in danger here is Alexis. Strangely enough, Brooke White did a better job with that song last year, and she's not as good a singer as Alexis. I'm still not sure what I really think of Megan. She has that bizarre voice - it's like, it's not that she can sing, it's just that she can sing different than other people. I'm not sure if that makes her good. And if she picks another song like "Rockin' Robin" she will be gone faster than you can figure out what her tattoos are supposed to be.

So, in conclusion, my picks for the final three this year are Adam, Danny and Lil. I could be wrong - it's happened before - but that's the way I see it right now. What do you think?

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  1. Anoop has been one of my favorites since the beginning but I don't see him going all the way through. Same goes for Scott.

    I don't get the Lil all...I just don't think she can sing as well as they seem to feel.

    Who I think it will come down to?

    Boys: Adam or Danny (thogh I really like Matt)

    Girls: Allison