Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring is springing

Here it is Friday already! I lost two days to a migraine this week, so I'm playing catch up on all my work and school with the kids, etc.

I did however manage to watch AI this week. I think the final three should be Adam, Allison and Danny. But that's just my opinion.

And finally, I've noticed things starting to turn green outside, so here is my tribute to the season:

Ode To Spring

The trees are budding, the birds do sing,
Both signs that it will soon be spring.
We have enough to do inside,
But soon the mower will need a ride.
The grass will grow at alarming speeds
But not as quickly as the weeds
Which pulling never rids us of.
(Those have thorns! You’ll need a glove!)
My eyes will water, my nose will drip,
What a lovely little allergy trip!
We can turn off the heat,
Air out the home,
And the children outdoors
Can finally roam
Until way after six.
They’ll bring home loads of ticks.
We’ll search them each night.
And the cat, what a sight!
He brings in ticks and burrs.
We remove them. He purrs?
No, he scratches and bites!
The ants will invade
And we’ll buy lots of Raid
Then the flies will appear
(with so many farms near)
And we’ll swat them all summer.
Oh, yes, it’s a bummer.
The stink bugs increase (they got here last fall
And we still haven’t gotten rid of them all)
The garden will grow us some squash
But the groundhogs’ hunger they won’t quash,
So the little rascals will eat my food
Never once thinking it might be rude.
All the things that spring brings
Have me feeling not fine.
Wonder if anyone else feels like
I do online?

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  1. Hey girl, I notice you have a lot of migraines. I have had a bit of trouble with them, too, though nothing like yours, I think. I'm wondering, have you tried Ester C at all? I have been having some success with it cutting down on the frequency and severity of them. I'm no doc, just thought I would share. :-) I read it on a website somewhere, and voila! For me, it helps. Take care, my friend!