Monday, March 23, 2009

When everything goes right

Usually, when there is something to be done, Hubby and I can count on it taking at least twice as long as we think it will. Whether it's fixing something on the car, building a shelf or digging a hole, we always seem to get into trouble. A tool breaks. A battery dies. Whatever.

This weekend, we went to one of our rental houses to fix a few things for a tenant. And I'm happy to report that absolutely nothing went wrong. We fixed her front door latch so she doesn't have to slam it anymore. We fixed her bathroom fan which wasn't running (and no wonder, as much dust as was caked on there). And we fixed the loose boards in her deck. All in less than two hours!

Sometimes it just feels really good to have everything go right!


  1. I hear you on all of that! In honor of the "knights that go Nii" (sp?) from Monty Python, we decided to spell it N.E.E. and make it stand for "nothing's ever easy!" I'm glad you had a repair night that went well. It seems like the older Todd and I get, a few things have started to go that way. I think part of it is finally having a little bit of money to get some appropriate tools (or better ones!) and some of it is that we know more than we used to, for sure. :-) Anyway, glad it all went right this time, my friend!

  2. That makes once in a row for us.