Thursday, March 05, 2009


My husband asked me this morning why I haven't been blogging. I guess I don't have any one good answer for that. The short answer is I haven't had anything I felt like blogging about. It's not that nothing is happening around here, just that I haven't felt like writing it down.

I guess the things that are heaviest on my mind are not things I feel like discussing in a public forum.

I've also been busy trying to revise one of my NaNo novels into publishable form, which admittedly takes up the majority of my creative energies. And it seems the more I revise, the more I see that needs to be fixed. I'm giving myself a deadline of the the last day of March and then I'm calling it done.

In the meantime, I will probably be talking books and television a lot because I don't have to think too hard about those things.


  1. Just stopped in to see how you are. Enjoy your writing projects. Have a blessed weekend! :~D

  2. Yes, I know how when things are on you mind and you don't want to share it you tend to go within your own self....I still do that from time to time

    {{HUGS}} to you