Thursday, January 17, 2008

Doggy Death Watch

It's an odd feeling waiting for a pet to die. Four weeks ago, the vet told us our dog wouldn't last 24 hours. She's still here. But I can tell she's wearing out. She used to follow me around, all over the house. Last night, she couldn't even make it up to the first floor, let alone the second floor bedrooms. That's got to be hard for her. She's always wanted to be where the people are.

Four weeks ago, we all said goodbye to her. The boys cried. They slept downstairs with her when she couldn't climb the steps. Then, she seemed to get better. Slowly, they've forgotten that she was going to die. For a week, they gave her hugs and petted her every night before bed, in case she didn't see the morning. Now, they tell her to move if she's in their way.

But I can tell she's winding down. Like a clock ticking slower and slower until its pendulum stops swinging altogether, one night she will exhale and that will be that. Part of me has started to believe that she just doesn't want to leave us, that sheer loyalty to her family is keeping her here. But mostly I just try to show her all the love I can, so she leaves us knowing she was needed and wanted. And I don't think any of us will realize how much until she's gone.


  1. I think I said this before - its been over a year since we lost my dear Willie and I still miss him every day.

  2. Aww. That is so hard.

    It is amazing how much we can fall in love with a dog. Honey is such a part of our family now, that I just can't imagine our home without her in it.


  3. What a sad way to go. It must be heartbreaking for your family.

  4. Losing a pet is very difficult. I have a cat who the vet pretty much gave a death sentence before Christmas; after some medication and some TLC, he seems healthy and back to his old self, so I don't know what is going to happen. I just make sure I love him, enjoy my time with him, and make sure I get the most out of our snuggles and playing.

  5. Awh, Jana. This brought tears to my eyes.

    My Mom had a similar scare with a dog I grew up with. She could walk or anything. My Mom brought her to a neurologist (something I'd never be able to afford for my own dog) ... They said she'd get better and it was a temporary condition - Which was weird. My Mom was sure she'd have to put her down... Now a few weeks later, she's walking again.

    Like you said about her loyalty to the family - I think that's so true. Dogs are beautiful animals.