Monday, January 28, 2008


Four days until LOST premieres!

I spent the whole weekend in bed. I'm feeling somewhat better today, but still not great. I got up to do a few things, and then went right back to bed again. I'll probably do the same today, especially since we have co-op tomorrow.

I guess I should be glad this is the first bad cold everybody's gotten. Two of the boys haven't really had it, so here's hoping they don't get it. Hubby, unfortunately, got it too. It seems like we were all coming down with it before he left Tuesday night and by the time he got back Thursday, he and I both felt lousy.

Maybe I'll make some chicken soup later.


  1. Sorry you feel so lousy. Winter colds and flu are the worst! Yes, try some chicken soup--with garlic! Or try garlic capsules... they work wonders. Hugs, e-Mom

  2. So you got up each day and did an hour of exercise?

  3. Yes, chicken soup!

    Sorry ya'll are feeling sickly - hope you get better soon!

  4. Thanks, guys. I'm feeling much better today.

    Debs - I absolutely did. It was the only thing I did each day besides lounge in bed. I didn't even cook dinner. But I got up and exercised.

  5. ooooh, you got that nasty cold that I had. That thing is nasty! Hope you're feeling better soon. Rest as much as possible.