Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ode to Kashi

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This month's poetry form is terza rima, which honestly, I had never heard of. This is disturbing to me as someone with a degree in English, but oh well. I've heard of it now, and that's what matters. So without further ado, my tribute to my favorite snack foods.

Ode to Kashi

Just two years past I feared I'd never find
A snack my stricter diet would allow.
A company called Kashi changed my mind.

Inferior snacks to Kashi must all bow.
The GoLean bars I tried first made me grin.
They fit my diet. Let me tell you how.

Low glycemic load will keep me thin.
Their seven whole grains keep me healthy, too.
When choosing snack food, Kashi always wins.

Chocolate peanut, chocolate almond - ooooh
Delicious and nutritious, they're the best.
And then I found out they make crackers, too!

But would these Kashi crackers pass the test?
I tried them and was thrilled with their great taste.
As crackers go, these really are the best.

Not a single crumb will go to waste.
With hummus or with cheese they go so well.
Go and get yourself a box posthaste!

Try a Kashi pizza - oh, the smell
Of chicken, cheese and peppers on their crust!
How do they make all these things so well?

If you have not tried Kashi, then you must!
Their snack food leaves all others in the dust!


  1. I was introduced to Kashi by my trainer about 4 years ago and I have loved it ever since. Honestly, I haven't found anything from them that I don't like!

  2. Ack!!!!!!!! LOVE IT, JANA! Bravo!!!

    Yours is the first I'm reading (besides the ones I wrote this morning). Oh, man, you ROSE to the occasion and then floated a little higher!

    THANK YOU for making my day...this is EXACTLY what I was hoping for when I decided on terza rima...

    Dang, you're good...!

    (Mr. Linky will be up tonight at mid-night if my "scheduled post" thingie works right.)

    Robin @ PENSIEVE

  3. Cute!

    Now do I have to eat some Kashi?

  4. Jana - great job! You did good.

    I'm embarrassed to put mine out there now - it really sucks.

  5. Brava!!!! I love Kashi too; tastes great and good for you, plus it makes my kids do the commercial (seven whole grains on a mission) and then count the grains in the ingredient box to be sure they are all there.

  6. we have some kashi cereal that is delightful... as is your poem.

    *I'm embarrassed by mine, too, Karmyn