Friday, November 14, 2008

Bad or even worse

Yesterday, Hubby warned me about taking my computer online while we're in China. Apparently, everyone in his company gets terrible viruses from the network there. As far as whether or not the hotel network is safe, he doesn't know.

So now, I either have to stay offline (except on his computer in the evenings), or risk my computer crashing or worse. What kind of choice is that, I ask you?


  1. I wonder if a lot is true or they no not wish people using the internet in China?

  2. Did you say you're in China??? :~D

  3. J-L - I just know that he has to have his computer de-virused every time he comes home.

    E-Mom - I will be leaving in 2 weeks to go with Hubby on his business trip. Don't worry, I'll post lots of pics!!