Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DWTS Semi-finals!

Because I know you've been waiting for my analysis of this season's Dancing With the Stars (and when I say you, I mean mostly my parents), here we go!

Last night's semi-finals were exciting, shocking, and just downright good television. I think everyone was shocked at Brooke's poor performance on the first dance. I blame the choreographer. Really, Derrick, if this is the type of thing you have in mind for the freestyle, you need to rethink your strategy. We've seen it happen before: a female dancer makes it to the final, only to be sunk by her choreographer in the end (Laila Ali, Stacy Keibler). And I have to say, I was surprised at him, because his routines have been so excellent the rest of the season. Thankfully, the salsa routine salvaged the night for her. I don't think she'll have any trouble getting to the finals.

Poor Cody. He's trying so hard. But despite the huge talent of his partner, not to mention her large base of male fans, I just don't think he's going to get to next week. While he's improved tremendously since the beginning, he's just not good enough. And missing two weeks with his partner didn't help. I feel for him, I really do, but unless his fans rally in a big way, he's going home tonight.

Warren. Ah, Warren. So much fun to watch, we forget you lack the technique. And unlike Joey Fatone, who Kym previously took to the finals, you really haven't gotten that much better over the season. Which is not to say you're not incredibly fun to watch. That's probably what's going to get you to the finals. But win? I think not. Not unless you practice, practice, practice, and even then, it's a long shot.

And then we come to Lance. Back in week one, I predicted that Lacey had what it took to whip this boy bander into shape, and hello! Did you see him last night? Twenty seconds into his first dance, I said, "The judges are going to say this is the best dance so far tonight." And they did. Absolutely amazing work. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, they came out for their jitterbug and he rocked it with one shoe missing! I am sure this is only a small taste of the treat we'll get if Lacey gets to choreograph a freestyle routine. And I can't wait to see it.

So, to sum up, it'll be Warren, Lance and Brooke in the final. And it's going to be a good one. Stay tuned!
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