Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's a conspiracy!

I was chatting with some fellow Dancing with the Stars fans last night during the results show. And at one point, talk of conspiracies came up. Some people seemed to think that the results are rigged. Other people thought that there was just a lot of gentle manipulation going on. I tend to frown on conspiracy theories in general. There is one conspiracy I really do believe, though, and that's the vast conspiracy of NFL fans who will borrow all of their friends' cell phones and email to vote for Warren Sapp in the finals.

So if you, like me, do not think Warren deserves that trophy, let's form a conspiracy of our own! Use every email address you have to vote for Brooke or Lance (preferably whichever one does a better freestyle). Text in those votes! Use every phone line you can get to. Let's break the NFL conspiracy that gave Emmitt Smith a trophy and almost gave one to Jerry Rice!

(All of this is, of course, negated if Warren has the best freestyle. But really, what are the odds?)


  1. All some talk about seeminly in Britain is the equivilant we have. Am I the only one that doesn't like dancing or talent shows?????

  2. You know Lance will do a better freestyle.