Monday, March 26, 2007


It is with a heavy heart that I bid goodbye to an old friend. My "fat" jeans no longer fit me. They got me through some tough times, but they're just not needed around here anymore.

I tried to wear them the other day and they kept sliding down. It seems my waistline is finally catching up with my weight loss and I've lost a couple of inches off my waist.

On a whim, I got out my old jeans, you know, the ones I packed up when I got pregnant with #3 because "I'll wear those again after the baby comes," but which never actually fit me again. I tried them on. Granted, I had to lay on the bed to fasten them, but when I stood up, I could still breathe! A few more weeks and I might be able to sit down while wearing them.

See, everybody says get rid of the stuff you don't wear anymore, but if I'd done that I'd be stuck with no pants. Well, not really, but I feel vindicated nonetheless.


  1. Oh! Congrats! It feels so good to put on a pair of old "skinny" pants and have them fit!

  2. ITS YOUR FAULT! Dang. I wondered why MY jeans weren't fitting any more. It's because you lost it and GAVE IT TO ME. :)

    (Congrats!!! Hee hee hee).

  3. I'm jealous!! Congrats to you!!

  4. Congratulations! Just the opposite happened to me yesterday, I put on my skinny pants and couldn't button them. I hadn't even realized I gained weight. I mean, I have been really active lately so FELT great, but gained weight, how? I dunno

  5. If you lose weight, that's what happens.

  6. YEAH!!! I have one pair that I refuse to throw out - yeah they are totally out of style BUT I just want to wear them again....

  7. Jody - Thanks!

    Meritt - So that's where it went! Please don't give it back.

    Jnas - thanks!

    Sandy - oh, that's frustrating!

    Jean-Luc - yeah, I know, but it's still exciting!!

    Cheeky - and when you get there, you'll wear those out-of-style jeans with pride!

  8. I'm so excited and happy for you! When you get to where you want, you should show us before and after pictures :-)

  9. You rock.

    Congrats on thie HUGE milestone!!!

  10. congrats!!!! That is something to be VERY proud of.

    (unfortunately, I had to say "oh - its you again" to my fat jeans - not something I'm proud of at the moment)