Thursday, March 29, 2007

Oh, yeah, now I remember...

...why I like winter better than spring. No allergies. My worst allergies aren't to things like ragweed or other pollens, they are to mold and dust. In the winter they don't bother me. Not that my house isn't dusty. The boys are in charge of dusting, so you can imagine. But there tends to be a lot less opening and closing of doors, stirring up said dust. Now, people want to come in and go out and I keep sneezing.

And then there's the mold. Years ago I went to an allergist, who basically told me that as long as I live somewhere that gets regular rainfall, I will suffer. I always wondered why I got such horrible sinus headaches right before it rains. He explained to me that when the air pressure changes, it tends to make molds everywhere release their little spores. I never checked up on that, but it sounds good, so why not. I just know that I suffer.

Two days ago, my head was so full of something the consistency of honey that I couldn't even think straight. Ever time I moved my head, something in my sinuses went POP or squish. Massive amounts of Sudafed and various pain relievers and nasal sprays did nothing. And this was real pseudoephedrine, not that new PE stuff. I spent the evening running a handheld massager back and forth over my head in an attempt to loosen some of the gunk.

But as usual, I had little relief until the rain came. Now that the front has passed, I feel somewhat normal again. And once summer comes, it will be too hot, in general, for the molds to bother me too much. But for now, I'm going to keep my Sudafed and massager handy. And start to seriously consider moving to the desert.


  1. yikes! allergies are tough. i take a perscription nasal spray and that helps a lot, but sometimes i have to add more perscriptions to it to get the allergies under control.

    hope you get to feeling better~

  2. I'm allergic to pollen, of all things. My doc recommended Zicam nasal gel. I haven't used it, because I have a thing against putting things in my nose (haha that I had surgery!!) but John uses it for his allergies and swears by it!! He says it works so much better than anything else he's ever used!!