Friday, March 16, 2007

SPF - Letters

Kristine's assignment this week is Your Letters. Open to interpretation, of course. Well, last week I said to Cheeky that I was glad I wasn't the only one who kept all her old letters. And I fully intended to show them to you. What I didn't count on was the sheer amount of stuff currently stored in front of said letters in the closet.
See the box back there behind the snowflakes and next to the garland? That's one of my letter boxes. I have several. I used to have multiple penpals, and not just when I was a kid. I wrote to many of these women well into my twenties. I guess I stopped around the time I had my first son. Who has time to write letters when you've got a baby who nurses 23 1/4 hours a day?

Anyway, my penpals were all over the place. Some I met and some I didn't. We always had some silly thing in common, like the Monkees (remember, this was the 80s - the big 20th anniversary reunion tour of the Monkees), but we wrote about whatever was happening in our lives at the time. I used to get these little friendship books in some of the letters - they were usually 3x5 or smaller booklets in which people who wanted still more penpals would write their address and answer a few questions about themselves. They were kind of like a meme, except on paper. And then if you saw someone interesting, you could write to them. Unless they put "NNP" next to their name - No New Pals.

I think blogging is kind of like the new version of penpals, don't you? Anybody else out there have tons of penpals in the past?

So, did you play?


  1. yeah I had a few penpals :)

    happy spf, I played

  2. I agree that blogging is the internet form of penpals.

    Nice SPF! I played too.

  3. I used to have a penpal...she lived in Utah, and she was so awesome! We, too, lost touch after I had my daughter. I was young, and this girl and I were the same age. Since I had had a child, our lives were very certainly going different ways. We wrote for years though, and I still have her letters and pictures somewhere :-) You're right, blogging is kinda like that, only faster and more fun :-)

    I played too!

  4. I had penpals too! It was alot of fun...I wonder where they are now ?

    "Weigh" to go with your weight loss success ! Have fun enjoying your new and necessary wardrobe!

    Yes, conversations with 4 year olds can pose a challenge! Actually, I can feel just as frustrated with my almost 12 year old.Sigh. That's why I blog, right ? A Modern day attempt at penpals ( conversation and connection with my own age group.)

    Anything happen with your former roommate ? Does she read this by the way ?!!!

    Take care! I need to get to my ubiquitous pile of dishes and kids !

  5. Blogging is the "New Penpal", alot less paper..:-) Happy SPF

  6. I participated in IYS (I can't remember what it stands for) but it hooked you up with pen pals all over the world. I had probably 10 or so over time but I still write to one in Australia to this day. We do it by e-mail now of course but it's been fun to "grow up" with her half a world a way!

    I agree that blogging is quite similar to having pen-pals...

  7. OMG! I could have written this post! I used to and still have many penfriends... although I agree that blogging has kind of taking over... but I still LOVE to write letters and there is nothing better than a handwritten letter in my mailbox :)

    I played.

  8. P.S. I did the whole "friendshipbook" thingy too :)

  9. I still have a penpal in Maine and Georgia....and I am well into my thirties..and as the Husband would say ...knocking on forties door!

  10. Yeh I had gobs of penpals. It used to be the thing to do; that and autograph books.
    Hey congrats on your weight loss!! I mus thave missed a post because I dont recall reading about it. But congrats anyway!

  11. At one point, I had 100 penpals.

    Thanks for stopping by mine :)