Wednesday, March 07, 2007

If I ran a network

How would I run things differently if I had my own network full of hit shows like Lost and Heroes and - what does CBS have? CSI? Anyway, how would I run things at JBC (that's the Jana Broadcasting Company)?

First, no breaks in the season. All shows would run all new episodes every week for a minimum of 18 weeks. We would have two seasons, one beginning in the fall (September, not October), and one in January. Really popular shows would rerun until their new season started. All DVD sets of those shows would also be available for purchase within two weeks of the series' finales. Then a few months later, the "special edition" DVDs would come out, with commentaries, sneak peeks at the new season and stuff like that. All of this translates to less frustration for the viewer, and more chance that they will continue to watch. Has no one learned the lessons of Moonlighting?

Second, on all dramas where it would reasonably fit into the story, a main character would die every season. Why? Well, it would keep the actors from wielding too much power if it's in their contract that they could be killed off. In real life, in high risk situations, people die. I love that on 24, there is always a question as to whether Jack is going to be around tomorrow, and that Lost isn't afraid to kill off cast members. We could even have a viewer poll to see who they want to see die.

Third, I would institute a fairer voting system. I'm tired of seeing people get kicked off of AI who really deserve to win, and don't even get me started on last season's Dancing With the Stars. There has to be a better way.

Finally, I would bring back the family show. My network would never show anything rated TV14 at 8 p.m. It would be TVG every night until 9. I am not exaggerating to say that right now, there are no fictional shows my kids would be allowed to watch. We let them watch game shows (Deal or No Deal, etc) and competition shows (Amazing Race, etc) if they want, but that's it. Whatever happened to the A-Team, where there was lots of action but no one actually got killed? My boys would love stuff like that.

So, what do you think? What would you add to my imaginary network? I'm hiring imaginary executives right now.


  1. Can we bring back the GOOD cartoons for Saturday Morning too? No more Pokeman crap?

  2. Karmyn - Excellent idea! Scooby Doo for all!

  3. I am soooooooooo upset that there aren't any new Heros until APRIL 23!!!! I was all in the show and then at the end BAM!

    Oh and can we bring back bugs bunny?????

  4. You've got a winning network there!

  5. I would have less reality, because really, it's gotten a bit out of hand! It was fun in the beginning, seeing how stars live, etc, but I'm tired of it!!
    I agree on the 9 pm thing, although my kids go to bed at 8, I know they won't always!
    So am I hired? :-)

  6. Hey, sounds like a plan. Maybe you really SHOULD own a network : )

  7. Amazing Race is fun, this season. New Dancing With the Stars is coming up! You'd better vote for all the right people, like me! hee-hee. Speaking of DWtS, I don't think it should be on that early at night, either, just because some of the costumes and a lot of the dances were risque, last season. I thought. :-)
    Doggone Heroes cliffhanger. /grump

    karmyn - NBC has a fairly decent Saturday morning line-up. Well, all I watch is the VeggieTales segment, if I haven't seen it, before, but it looks like there isn't a lot of anime in the other shows. :-)