Monday, April 21, 2008

The buzzing in my ear

There is a mysterious presence in our house. It manifested itself last night in the form of a high-pitched whine. Hubby called me downstairs to see if I could help him find the source.

At first I thought it was some electronic alarm - the freezer got left open, perhaps, or the smoke alarm battery was dying. It seemed loudest in the kitchen, and not audible at all from upstairs or downstairs.

We searched the entire first floor. Nothing could be pinpointed as the source of the sound. It was 1 a.m. and we were getting freaked out.

Hubby went downstairs and turned off each breaker, one by one. The sound never stopped. It never even wavered. Finally, we decided to just go to bed.

This morning, the whine is still there. Have you ever had a continuous high-pitched whine in your ear? If I'm extra-irritable this morning, there's a good explanation.

This is ridiculous!!!!! What is that noise?????? When the boys come down, I'm sending them on a hunt. Maybe they can track it down. Argh!!


  1. The computer power source! Ours does it when it gets unplugged

  2. WOW - I have no idea. I know it always bugs me when some random alarm goes off and you can't find it. Maybe he should turn off the main breaker?