Monday, April 28, 2008

Part 1 of last week

Last week was really crazy. It seemed like such a good idea to tag along with Hubby on his business trip and then go pick up the "new" van. And we did have fun at the hotel. Except for the phone call from the manager telling me we were making too much noise and people were complaining.

Of course, when Hubby checked with the night desk person to make sure we were being quiet enough, we discovered that the only room below ours was the office. So the manager was pinning his annoyance on "the room below yours," which was actually just him sitting at a desk. Why couldn't he just say that?

We spent three hours in the indoor pool and spa. The boys jumped and splashed and screamed and had a grand time. I mostly just sat in the shallow end with the three-year-old. They only got out because they got hungry.

The next day we left the hotel, dropped Hubby at his meeting in Pittsburgh, and drove into the city to go to the science museum. The boys loved it. They always enjoy science museums, as do I. This one had an added bonus: a genuine Cold War-era submarine, open for tours as part of the admission price! That was a big hit, let me tell you!

Then, we made our way into New York. And that's when the "fun" began...

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  1. Subs are fun! I actually went out on one for a day trip - way cool!

    Glad ya'll had a good time!