Thursday, April 10, 2008

PPL - Spring haiku

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This month's poetic form is the Haiku. I like haikus. They are hai-cool.

Spring has come to town.
Summer can't be far behind.
I want one more snow.

Flowers, birds, and buds
New life is all around me
Nature showing off.

Dusty corner shelves
Cobwebs along the ceiling
I need to spring clean.


  1. Jana,

    Ahhhh! You sounded like you had FUN writing this (beginning with "hai-cool"--LOVE IT!).

    There are some PPL players who have snow on the ground even as I type. They long for what YOU have! Ha! Greener grass syndrome? :)

    The only thing about nature showing off, is she's so good at it! Wish I could "bloom" like her this time of year....

    And did you really need to add that last one? Now you have ME looking in corners and noticing dusty cobwebs. I'm not happy with you.

    Not at all.

    But, I'm reeeeeeeal glad you joined PPL 'cause you're always a bright spot in the mix!

    Happy Friday! :)

    Robin @ PENSIEVE

  2. One more snow, eh? Lovely!

    BTW, just a quick note to let you know that you've won an award.

    When you get a chance, please drop by Chrysalis for the details.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Okay, so I need to dust a little, how did you know?

    Love it!

  4. first off i totally love the term hi-cool!!! that is excellent...

    i am over winter in a big way... so i hope spring is here in earnest this time.....

  5. Its supposed to snow in indiana today, not happened yet but they say tomorrow its supposed to snow too, ugh yesterday 70 degrees and today 40s yuck

  6. we had 82 degrees yesterday - my walk was accompanied by sweat.
    And this morning ... cold rain on my roof and another white covering in the hills.

    showing off. For sure!