Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Last week, part 2

So, when we left Pittsburgh, we drove up through Erie, past Buffalo, and then the trouble started. We had planned to check into a campground that night, but we couldn't find out their policy for checking in late. No one was answering the phone. So we headed toward the town where we'd be picking up our van.

Turns out, we got on a toll road. The rather poor map we had didn't mention this. Grr. Five dollars later, we pulled off and tried to get an internet connection to get a hotel room. Hubby's got plenty of bonus points from business trips, so we figured we'd use a free night somewhere.

First, the internet connection was flaky. And when we tried to move closer to it, it went away altogether. Then, Hubby's computer just flat out refused to even try to connect. We got back on the road and drove another exit. This time he used my computer. It took a while, but finally he managed to reserve a room. We checked in around 11 p.m.

The next morning, we ate at the hotel and then headed for Brockport, NY. This time, we found back roads to avoid the tolls. We had no problem finding the house and after driving the "new" van around the block a few times, Hubby went to the DMV to get transport tags for it.

And that was too much fun for this post... More tomorrow.

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