Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Delusions of grandeur

What a shame we can't all retain the knowledge we have when we're three years old. Because all three year olds know everything. At least all of mine have known everything at age three. And I can't tell them any different.

My current three year old not only thinks he knows everything, he thinks he MADE everything. That DVD we're watching? "I made that." The kitchen table? "I made it." What a truly amazing child, no?


  1. Your three year old seems very prolific!

  2. LOL too cute!! A three year old sure has a long life to know it all don't they? LOL. My boy's were like that too LOL! Just wait though they will think they know it all again in their tweens - young adults LOL. They will only learn that they don't know as much as they thought as they get older and have their own children *sigh* LOL

  3. lol my 6 year old thinks he knows everything