Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer is NOT for vacation here, folks!

Somehow, summer is half gone and I seem to have missed it. I guess the two weeks of recovery time cut into my recreation a little. Anyway, two weeks from Monday is our annual stint at summer day camp, with Hubby and I teaching and the boys all participating. After that it will be August - August already!

Here are the things I've been meaning to do this summer that I still haven't done:
  • Fill up the pool
  • Spread out the new slip 'n' slide and test it (not myself)
  • Finish landscaping at least one area of the yard (many areas in states of partial completion, no one area yet actually complete)
  • Purchase all materials needed for next school year
  • Begin planning of next school year
  • Start an indoor herb garden
  • Finish spring cleaning (most of first floor done, part of it now needs redone)
Today I'm feeling somewhat okay, so I might actually get the vacuum out and see how I feel pushing it around. Or maybe I'll offer to pay one of the boys to do it.

{{Sigh}} Summer always ends too soon.


  1. I think I blinked and missed summer as well!

  2. I know it has been going by so fast. Every year seems to go faster and faster!!