Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Almost time for school

It's time to start planning the first month of school for the year. I've already started teaching my first grader so I can give him some extra one-on-one attention. I'll probably start my other boys a week from Monday. We're going to have to be more organized this year, with my oldest in seventh grade. He's got to be more focused; we've got a lot of material to cover.

The big problem is going to be the three year old. He's not willing to leave me alone with the six year old for even ten minutes - I can't imagine he's going to be happy with me taking two hours a day to work with the twelve year old. He's very much like my oldest son was at his age - he wants ALL my attention ALL the time.

I hope I've assembled enough busy work for the three year old that he'll be happy and quiet. Ha! Wishful thinking!


  1. I had that problem when I home summer schooled, they both want help at the same time and don't wanna wait