Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Your child might be misbehaving if...

How I wish these were just hypothetical examples. But no, these all actually happened yesterday.

Your child(ren) might be misbehaving if...
- they wrestle each other on the grocery store floor, right through the automatic doors and out on to the sidewalk.
- he calls you an idiot loudly, in public, just because
- he turns the sheet he's supposed to use to cover himself in the doctor's office into a cape and starts whooshing around the exam room.
- the doctor, with a rather pitying look in her eyes, starts going on about all the wonderful medicines available for ADHD
- when the nurse says she's going to use "numby" spray before their shots, they start screaming, "Don't turn us into mummies! We don't want to be mummies!" at the tops of their lungs

Oh, it was a fun day at the orthodontist and doctor's offices.


  1. Oh poor you. You will look back on these and laugh someday. Just not right now LOL.