Thursday, August 28, 2008

PPL Thursday

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It's time once again for Pensieve's Poetic License, brought to us by the always fabulous Robin. We are free to choose a poetic form this month, which leaves those of us who studied literature for four years in order to earn a little piece of paper shaking our heads in bewilderment. Too many choices! Too many!

And so, since last month I was still recovering from my gall bladder surgery and didn't participate, this month I will attempt that oh-so-sublime and newly-created poetic form, the Pensieve. Our theme is Back to School, a subject with which I am all too painfully familiar as around here, home IS school.

Homeschool's In
New textbooks lined up in a row, like students waiting for the bus
The acrid scent of freshly sharpened pencils
The smoothness of clean sheets of paper between my fingers
The taste of coffee while I watch them work
And the whining voices, "Summer's over already?"


  1. "Summer over already" is what I used to say when it was time to go back.

  2. Love the first line and the coffee break in the fourth. Very nice.

  3. I like the last line, it's always a line I kept in my head whenever the new start of a school day came too quickly, I also like the point of view of the teacher instead of the student

  4. Jana, I feel ya on this one all the way, except the coffee would be tea instead! Great pensieve. It's a really awesome poetry form, isn't it? Glad I came by. Have a great day.