Thursday, August 21, 2008

Should I or shouldn't I torture myself?

My high school reunion is coming up in October. Twenty years, believe it or not. I've recently found some of my old classmates on Facebook and am starting to get excited about the idea of seeing them in person. Then again, these people were not really my friends in high school. I haven't been in touch with my actual friends in quite a while.

In actuality, I'd rather have a reunion with some of my teachers than with a lot of the people in my class. I remember being really relieved when I graduated because I wouldn't have to see any of those people again if I didn't choose to. And now I'm thinking of paying $50 to do just that.

I don't know. I'm sure I'll be glad when I go, but this is bringing up a lot of feelings about high school I thought were long gone.

And people ask me why I home school??


  1. Jana...if you're on Facebook, so am I. E mail me. It is on my Journal, and I'll give you more details when you send a message.

  2. I'd say GO! People do change, and you might be surprised how fun your reunion can be. I've loved every one of mine. :~D

  3. I skipped my 10 year reunion last year and I don't regret it AT ALL. It was over $100, (plus what it would have cost for new clothes)... Like you, most of these people were not my "friends" and I would have much rather met some of my old teachers. (Which I have done before -just go back and visit the school and you'll bump into a few.)

    I did not want to be talked about behind my back for how I now look or questioned about why I don't have a "career" and am a SAHM, etc. (Most of my classmates went to college, have a career and STILL no children.)

    Anyway, at first I felt sad about not going but after I received photos of the event I felt much better. Same old same old. I didn't miss much.