Thursday, January 25, 2007

Anyone know a robotic counselor?

I think my desktop computer has some sort of personality disorder.

For the longest time, I had a printer, a scanner, a microphone, speakers, and other peripherals hooked up to it and there were no problems. Suddenly, one day, the microphone stopped working. I'm not sure what the computer said to it, but it refused to continue the relationship. We tried another microphone, but apparently word had gotten around and it wouldn't work either.

Then it was the scanner. For years, I scanned pictures, documents, and other things I wanted to keep. Nary a problem. Then one day, a little error box popped up on my screen telling me there was no scanner connected. I checked all the cables. The light was on, but nobody was home. At least nobody who wanted to talk to the computer. I carried the scanner to another computer and it worked fine.

Next came the printer. This is an old HP Laser printer, a really nice one, and it connects to a serial port, one of those big, heavy cables you could choke a dog with. Anyway, we've had this printer a decade or more, and never had a problem. Suddenly, it won't take orders from the computer anymore. We ended up hooking the printer to our home network through a switch. Now it talks to the printer on the computer's behalf. Sort of like when people are fighting, the switch will say, "Hey, HP, the computer says to print this," and then HP says, "Well, you tell the computer I'll get to it when I get to it." And then it spits out the required pages. The only problem is that there are one too few cables to the network, so if I want to print, I have to take the internet cable from the computer, hook it to the printer, then take my son's internet cable and hook it to my computer. Otherwise, it doesn't work. I don't print much.

And now, it's the speakers. Whatever this computer said to them is obviously unforgiveable. We have no sound, except those little beeps that come from the CPU when an error pops up.

I wonder how long before the monitor realizes what a jerk that computer is and calls in sick.


  1. My suggestiong is to make sure that you have back ups for things like pictures, docs etc. Sounds like something isn't doing so hot and I am afraid if it bites the dust ....well it won't be pretty....but then again I am an HR chick....what do I know about computers LOL

  2. Cheeky - oh, don't worry, I have everything saved to disk or backed up somewhere! I really don't trust computers that much.

  3. I think you need a new 'puter hun!

    Also, you guys should consider wireless. We have a wireless network at home, and everything is hooked up that way. No wires :-)

  4. We have a wireless network. But the printer doesn't have a wireless card, so it doesn't help anything.

  5. I think computer needs to go to HR for peer counseling. LOL.

    That sucks. I hate when things don't work for no (apparent) reason.

  6. Your computer does have some major issues, Jana! Hope you can get it all fixed soon...or can get a whole new one (with no baggage and one that can work well with others!)

    Thanks so much for the sweet birthday wishes, too!


  7. Tee - Apparent being the key word. The kids use that computer sometimes, so who knows what they did to it??

    Tammy - that would be nice. Hope you had a great birthday!

    Jean-Luc - good tip - I'll remember that!

  8. I think if you hook the printer up to one computer, you can print to it from the wireless network without plugging or unplugging anything.