Wednesday, January 24, 2007

WBW - Free therapy

This week, TKW has asked us to share pictures and stories about some traumatic event in our lives (like dropping an ice cream cone or getting our shoes thrown up on) that would later cause us to need many years of therapy. And since this is free, I think it's a good deal.
Okay, so on first glance you might say, "What's the problem here?" Is it that my brother is wearing a nightgown? No, it's a night shirt, thank you very much. It probably came with a matching nightcap. His head is bare here. But take a look at mine. That, my friends, is head gear. You see, my orthodontist gave me a choice between having some teeth pulled and wearing head gear every night. Guess which one I picked.

Now, thankfully, I didn't have to wear it to school, but I did wear it out in public on more than one occasion. I can remember oh-so-clearly the stares and the people talking in hushed voices about the freak in line behind them. I always had a snappy comeback - I'd say it was my antenna, or that I was an alien, or something equally as clever. But it never felt good.

And you thought this would be about those Dungeons & Dragons modules I'm holding there. Yeah, like I need any more visual proof that I was a geek! Well, just so you know, I mostly only played D&D with my brother. But when I played with other people, my character was named Kitiara and she kicked serious tail.

So, did you play?


  1. LOL about your brothers nightshirt. I didn't even see that till you pointed it out :) i was just thinking what a great christmas pic. Wonderful way back Wednesday. Thank for stopping by mine.

  2. Now we know that I'm smarter than you! I chose the teeth-pulling. Four removed and one extracted from below the gum!! But I was still geeky enough to get picked on without the there.

    And I really did only play D&D with my brother. My Paladin was named Eowyn.

  3. Oh - I thank the Lord and whatever genetics I inherited for good straight teeth! Hallelujah. I was awkward enough without having to go through headgear hell.

  4. Hilarious! I love your D&D manuals! My husband's trying to figure out where to buy that stuff now so he can be DM for the kids. So, I hear you on the geek thing.

  5. Hey! My brothers wore night shirts too! :)

    I've never met anyone that actually head to wear the headgear. Cool. ;)

  6. OK, your brother totally looks like Harry Potter!

    Sorry about the headgear, that must have sucked!

  7. I was really hoping you were singing into a headset there, and that you were jut really ahead of the times! But, no, it was head gear...what were you thinking??? Yank the teeth girl!!!