Thursday, January 11, 2007

The rest of the story

Somehow I got through yesterday. The co-op meeting took 2 1/2 hours, and then I had another half hour of work on top of that. While we were sitting in the upstairs kitchen working, my boys and one of the ladies' two boys were downstairs playing. And eating and drinking. At one point my oldest came running up.

"J was drinking coffee and the cat-"
"Hang on," I said. "Why was he drinking coffee?" Nice thing for other moms to hear, right?
"You know, that coffee stuff you add to milk?"
"Oh, right, the syrup. Okay, so?"
"Well, the cat jumped up on the table and tried to drink it and it got spilled all over the tablecloth."
Knowing full well that my boys know how to clean up a little spilled milk, albeit milk with coffee-flavored syrup in it, I said, "So what's the problem?"

And then I got the rest of the story. "So now they're playing in it."

You know that old Cosby routine about brain damage? Yeah. So they got it cleaned up, put the tablecloth in the washing machine, and that was that. Except for the sticky mess all over the floor and everything on the floor. Honestly, I think I need to just put down a dropcloth and forget it.


  1. I've heard just locking them in the closet is effective too ;-)

    I had a mess my "Damn" post :-) Aren't kids the best!

  2. Okay, I read it. I would much rather have my mess than yours ;)

  3. Those little stinkers!!!

    At least one was able to come and tell you what was going on. There should always be a "tattle-tale" included in every play session (just for the parent's piece of mind!!) btw - my daughter will tell on everyone but herself.