Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The whole tooth and nothing but the tooth

I'm taking my four year old to get some dental work done today. Apparently, at least two of my children have inherited my cavity-prone teeth. My seven year old had his two front teeth pulled about five years ago, and several others since then. Now the four year old has to have so many cavities filled that the dentist is doing it at the hospital, under anesthesia.

I have to be at the hospital two hours before the procedure, and then wait for about two hours after he's done to be discharged. So basically I'll be sitting in a hospital all day. I should have asked if I could bring my laptop. At least my SIL is here to watch the other kids so I don't have to be chasing them all over the hospital telling them to be quiet, sit still, don't touch those buttons.

And thankfully, our insurance will cover a good chunk of the cost. We're still paying off the seven year old's dental bills. Did you know that the cruise we just took cost less than half of what we still owe on his teeth? Oh, how I wish I were kidding.


  1. My daughter has a similar problem. Her teeth are REALLY crowded, and she had to have 2 teeth pulled (by an oral surgeon) because her adult teeth were becoming impacted due to the baby teeth not being able to fall out, and now she has to have 2 more pulled in March, same way, same reason. I hate it when babies are hurting :-( Darn teeth anyways!!

    I hope he comes through ok, which I'm sure he will!

  2. OH my mouth is hurting just thinking about that. Your poor boy!!!!

    I was very fortunate to have great teeth...my hubby's are very cavity inclined - I think my children have inherited their father's teeth. bummer.

    Good luck - I hope you brought a good book to the hospital with you!

  3. You've lost 20lbs?? KUDOS!!!!

    I'm glad he came through fine :-)