Thursday, January 04, 2007

You've heard of the Biggest Loser?

If there were a prize for the slowest loser, um, yeah, that'd be me. Checking my archives, I see that I started to lose weight in May. It's now January of the next year and I have just hit the 20 lbs lost mark.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to have lost 20 lbs. I've stuck to my diet even when I was on a cruise. I have truly changed my eating habits and the way I think about food, and I try to make good choices about what I put in my mouth. All of these are good things.

The one thing I haven't done is exercise regularly. I just can't seem to find a good time during the day. Hubby wants me to get up at 6 with him to work out, but honestly, 6 a.m.? I just can't see a couple of nightowls like us making that kind of commitment and sticking to it. And I also need to point out that this is just a suggestion on his part. He does not actually get up at 6 on a regular basis.

For a while, I thought I could work out while the baby napped, but now it seems like we're never done with school by then. We used to have a YMCA membership, but the ordeal of getting the whole family out the door was too much. I just need to find some way to fit that 20-30 minutes of exercise I desperately need into my day. Over at One Weigh Or Another (weight loss blog I belong to), the group's founder has lost about two pounds a week since July, and she is looking fantastic. She exercises.

Okay, so, twenty pounds down, only forty to go. Or fifty. Maybe I'll be happy with thirty more. Check back next...year!


  1. Ive lost 13 since august and gained three back. I must get with the program. Today I will!

  2. No matter how long it's taken, you've lost weight! Kudos to you for that!! Don't diminish that :-)
    Do you homeschool?

  3. Mrs. D - You'll get there, I've no doubt.

    Arlene - Thanks! Yeah, I know, it just seems like it's taking forever! And yes, I homeschool.

  4. 20lbs is fantastic!

    I am still dropping a pound here and there, but I hear you on needing more exercise. I need to get back on my bike and surf board! I feel really flabby!

  5. I know what you menan about the exercise thing Jana. I'm having trouble coming up with a regular time to do any. I got a skipping rope for Christmas, and although I can't manage very long (cos of my fitness level) it's something I can try to do most days, and it fits into odd slots of time. Maybe you could try something like that?!?! BTW really not trying to say I have all the answers, cos that is so not true, so if you find anything that helps for you please let me know.
    I've lost 24lb in about 3 or 4 months, but then I did lost 9lb in one week due to a stomach bug (not something I would recommend though!0

  6. At least you haven't gained 1/2 of that 20 lbs back! (I lost 35 lbs last year -2005 and gained 17 back 2006).

    Excersize - that's what I call "hitting the alarm snooze button until its really time to get up."

  7. Jody - you must teach me to surf if I'm ever down your way!

    Debs - that's a good idea. I'm awful at jump rope, but maybe I could jog in place. Or do the hokey-pokey with my 2 year old like I did today :)

    Karmyn - very true. I didn't even gain over the holidays - I lost over 3 lbs! That's hubby's idea of morning exercise, too, LOL!

  8. I know my biggest downfall is exercise. That, and the fact that until I hit 30 I could eat anything I wanted and not gain a pound. It's hard to change 30 years worth of eating habits! I keep saying I'm going to join Curves, but everytime I think I can sign up, something comes up and we don't have the $$. I'm hoping to do it this month, they're having a New Year's special.

  9. Aw shucks... You said I look fantastic... Gawrsh!! Thanks!

    Now go ye forth and read the details of the new Happy Heart Challenge which starteth this coming Monday. I think it will fit the bill nicely!! :-)

    Tell ya what, let's lose all the weight, save our money, and go to a Rockapella concert together. We'll get front row seats and fight over who gets picked to go on stage. And we'll hold each other accountable about the inevitable drooling....

  10. Blest - I'll bring the mop! ( You know, for the drool...)

  11. Well done! 20 pounds is HUGE! Keep up the great work. :~)

  12. Gee, it's amazing how many women in blogworld take as a resolution to loose weight ! Be proud of your 20lbs, it's much better to loose weight slowly otherwise you would have the yo-yo effect.

  13. congrats on 20!
    applause for you!
    Now, just 1 more!
    you reach the summit one step @ a time!
    I'll be working on it, right along with you.
    I'm checking out the One Weigh, thx.
    here from Blogging chx

  14. This is a universal problem, I can assure you. Nothing happens unless I put myself first for that tiny little 30 min walk I so much need. It sounds so wierd! Imagine one of ourimmediate ancestors say : "Oh, I'd love to walk, but I don't seem to get the time!". Life has changed so dramatically!

    I keep asking my hubby, explaining the benefits of doing things together, but...nothing happens. In the end I feel depressed and head for the day's chocolate bar!

    That's why I am here and now suggesting we found the "Association of Women who Want to Exercise But Put Everyone Else's Priorities First So That Their Priorities Do Not Make It To The Top Of The List".

    Anyone join?