Friday, November 09, 2007

Excuse me, have you seen my crown?

Some of you might remember a little thing called a root canal that I went through earlier this year. I'll never forget how it started. I bit down on something and suddenly a blinding pain shot through my jaw. I was sure I had broken a tooth, at the very least. But as quickly as it came, the pain was gone. The next few weeks, every now and then I would feel a twinge of pain, but knowing I had a dentist appointment coming up, I ignored it as best I could.

Unfortunately, the dentist didn't find anything wrong with an x-ray. I went through six more months of pain before finally seeing a different dentist and getting the root canal. I can't help but think that if I had possessed some manner of temporary dental repair, I could have avoided a lot of that pain. I mean, even not knowing for sure that I had a cracked filling (which is what it turned out to be), I think trying a little Dentemp OS on that tooth would have helped.

Now that I have a crown on that tooth, I have a new concern. What if the thing comes off? I like to eat crunchy foods like nuts and celery. What if I break another filling? Sometimes I'm almost sure I can feel the crown moving when I floss. I'm thinking I should keep a vial of Dentemp OS in my purse at all times. It can be used not only to replace lost fillings, but to temporarily cement loose crowns. There's no mixing required, and I could even eat on it in 30 minutes, thus avoiding a lot of pain and embarrassment, until I could get to the dentist.

I'll tell you one thing - I never want to go through that whole thing again!

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  1. A nice commercial Jana, you clever lady.

    Dental emergencies are the worst. I've never had a root canal, but my husband has, and he really suffered.

    Sorry you went through so much pain with your crown. :~(

    Hugs, e-Mom