Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Oh yeah, well I'm going to give 111%!!

Does this bother anyone else - "I'm going to give 110%." Do people realize you can't give more than all? And if you're going to give 110, why not 111, or 120? I've actually heard people lately saying they're going to give 120%. Inflation, I suppose.

Look, people, any way you slice it - 50+50, 60+40, 10+90 - you can't give more than 100%.

And if you think this bugs me, you should hear Hubby the engineer on the subject.


  1. Yeah its annoying expecially in a working environment - maybe it means they are going to make up for the time when they were slacking off and only doing 40% at their job.....

  2. Cheeky - LOL! There was a Monk episode where someone said 110%, and he went nuts. "Well, if she's giving 110%, you can only give 90%..."

  3. It is a pointless phrase, isn't it?

  4. ROFL! You're funny.

    Reminds me of my Dad, (also an engineer.) You should hear him freak out when the reporters or weather people say to "watch out for black ice". He goes ballistic! "Ice is clear! The road is black! If the road was purple would they call it purple ice?!"

    LMAO... Needless to say, I mention "black ice" around my father a few times every winter season just for entertainment ;)