Thursday, November 08, 2007

There's something in The Mist!

I don't think anything freaks me out quite as much as the unknown. Walking into a dark room, opening a closed door, stepping into the fog and out of the safety of the house lights. Not being able to see what's in front of you or behind you, whether it's pitch blackness or heavy fog, can be scary. I think it's even scarier when it's silent. I enjoy thunderstorms, but silent fog can be terrifying. Sometimes, finding out what's actually there can be even more terrifying.

I suppose I read too many ghost stories as a kid, or watched too many scary movies. Any time I am in a situation where I can't see, especially when it involves fog, I just can't look. I close my eyes as tight as I can, because if my eyes are closed I can pretend everything is normal.

Watching the trailer for The Mist by Stephen King, though, I don't think closing their eyes is going to work for these people. They are stuck in one of my worst nightmares. Something is out there, but what? Some people think they're safe, other people freak out. No doubt I would be cowering in a corner somewhere, especially when those things start attacking the windows...

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  1. I won't be seeing this movie - especially considering there has been a heavy thick Misty fog at my house for the past 5 days.