Tuesday, November 06, 2007

When technology is too smart

We have a really nice DVD recorder. Hubby got it for me as an anniversary present and it's fantastic. The really nice thing about it is the the hard drive. It works very much like a DVR; I can watch shows while they're recording, skip commercials, pause, etc. and I can save them until later or record them onto DVDs to keep.

Naturally, being the television addict I am, I have the hard drive set up to record all of my favorite shows from week to week. It's never given me a problem. Until now. Now, apparently, it has decided that mere humans are not to be trusted with timekeeping. And it has chosen, in its machinated wisdom, to ignore the time change. I cannot convince it to go back an hour. And because of the way it's programmed, it is supposed to find the time automatically and will not let me set it. The option isn't even there - it's grayed out.

Now, seriously, when did we get so stupid as a nation that we cannot even trust ourselves to set clocks? Are there other people out there with this same problem? All my programs are now off by an hour, and I can't change it. I can change all the programs, but I bet as soon as I do, the thing will figure out the right time and then I'll have to change them all back. And it's a pain to change every single recording time.

I'm going to outsmart this thing. I will not be defeated by a machine.


  1. I was fighting with my big screen today - I won

  2. I was fighting with my big screen today - I won

  3. *giggles* Did you outsmart it yet?